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If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, call or book online to make an appointment at Couture Smiles Dental Center in Woodland Hills, California, to see if dental bonding will create the results you desire. Drs. Sean Fahid, and Jonathan Gordon offer natural-looking dental bonding treatments to help their patients from throughout Los Angeles County achieve bright, healthy smiles.

Dental Bonding

What is dental bonding?

If your smile is flawed by minor cosmetic imperfections, the friendly dentists at Couture Smiles Dental Center may recommend dental bonding. Bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment that can be used to quickly and conservatively improve the appearance of your smile.

A tooth-tinted resin is applied to your teeth and hardened using a high-intensity light, which cures the material. Dental bonding is a common treatment to address cosmetic concerns and is sometimes used as an alternative to amalgam cavity fillings for a more natural appearing result.

What happens during a dental bonding treatment?

During the dental bonding treatment, Drs. Gordon, or Fahid will place a composite resin onto your tooth surface. Composite resin is available in a variety of shades, allowing the dentists to match the color of the resin to your natural tooth color. If needed, they can also use a lighter shade to cover stains and spots on your teeth. The resin is carefully shaped to fit your tooth and enhance the beauty of your smile. Once it is sculpted to the ideal shape, the resin is hardened through the use of a special light.

What dental issues can dental bonding address?

The dentists use dental bonding treatments to address a variety of primarily cosmetic dental concerns. Dental bonding corrects dental flaws such as:

  • Cracks, chips, and small fractures in your teeth
  • Exposed tooth roots
  • Irregularly shaped teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Discolored, spotted, or stained teeth

Why should I choose dental bonding?

Dental bonding is versatile, inexpensive, and quick. In most cases, the dentists can complete the bonding process in just one visit to Couture Smiles Dental Group. You won’t need any recovery time and will be able to get right back to work or school with no interruption to your life.

This quick and efficient treatment offers a natural-looking restoration for your smile. To learn more about the advantages of dental bonding, please call Couture Smiles Dental Group today or book an appointment online. The dentists are always happy to answer your questions about the best treatments to restore and protect your teeth and smile.