A dental bridge is a restoration that can be used to replace just one missing tooth or a few missing teeth in a row (usually up to three teeth). While the most common type of dental bridge is fixed (non-removable), we offer both fixed and removable dental bridges at Couture Smiles Dental Group to accommodate your personal dental needs and preferences. There are three main types of dental bridges that we may suggest to restore your smile:

  • A traditional dental bridge—This type of bridge is made up of one or more artificial teeth and two dental crowns, which are placed on the teeth neighboring the gap in order to anchor the artificial tooth (called a pontic).
  • A cantilever bridge—This kind of dental bridge is used when the missing tooth has remaining natural teeth on only one side.
  • A resin-bonded bridge—This type of bridge is made of plastic teeth and gums supported by a metal framework.

Our skilled dentists, Drs. Terteryan, Gordon, and Fahid will carefully examine your smile to determine which type of dental bridge in Woodland Hills, California, is right for your specific needs. A dental bridge can be a great choice for restoring the function, appearance, and health of your smile. To learn more, we welcome you to contact us today. We are eager to restore your complete, beautiful smile!