Sometimes there’s just no escaping the fact that your tooth needs to come out. When alternatives have been explored and just aren’t enough to save your tooth, you can be sure that you’re in excellent hands with us here at Couture Smiles.

Having a tooth extracted is a serious procedure and one that requires some effort from you when it comes to aftercare. We ensures the procedure is as comfortable and painless as possible, but once you’ve left our Woodland Hills clinic it’s down to you.

Don’t worry, though, we’ve got some easy tips to help you through your recovery and toward regaining your perfect smile.

Follow the instructions you’re given when your tooth is extracted

Your aftercare instructions depend on the site of your extraction and how your tooth was removed. It’s important that you listen to your provider and follow their instructions carefully. These tell you, for example, how and when to brush your teeth, whether to use a mouth rinse, and the best way to avoid infection.

You need to take a lot of care Immediately after your extraction to ensure the blood clot remains in place in the tooth socket. Dislodging it can cause a painful condition called dry socket, where the bone beneath becomes exposed, and this can delay and complicate your recovery.

You’ll have a gauze pad packed down into the socket to keep the blood clot in place, so don’t remove it too soon. Your provider lets you know how long you should wait, along with how to keep the socket clean.

Take the opportunity to kick back and relax

Having a tooth extracted can leave you feeling drained, uncomfortable, and if you’ve had a sedative, drowsy and sleepy. Arrange for someone to take you home after the extraction and spend the rest of your day chilling out with your favorite TV series or a good book.

Be careful to avoid bending or heavy lifting for the remainder of your day, as strenuous activity can dislodge the blood clot, causing dry socket. If you feel like a nap or you’re ready for bedtime, make sure you use extra pillows to keep your head elevated for the first few days following the extraction.

Watch what you eat and drink

You might not feel like eating and drinking much after your tooth has been extracted, but a good diet is crucial to healing well. You should eat soft food for the first few days, like applesauce, soup, and yogurt. Slowly introduce more solid food, taking care to avoid the site of the extraction.

Don’t use a straw for your drinks for the first day. A straw might seem like a great idea, as you can avoid the drink swishing around the tooth socket, but the pressure in your mouth caused by sucking the straw is enough to dislodge that blood clot.  

You must avoid alcohol and tobacco until the extraction site has fully healed. Both these things damage your teeth and dental health, and this can slow down the healing process or even cause complications.

Take painkillers exactly as prescribed

Once the anesthetic has worn off you’ll probably want to take some painkillers. Before you reach for the pills, give those aftercare instructions a read. Different pain medications work in different ways and some may hinder your healing progress, so stick to what you’ve been prescribed.

It’s normal to feel a little unwell following a tooth extraction, but if you’re concerned or just want some friendly advice, give us a call here at Couture Smiles. We’re happy to help.

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