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A bright white smile is a sign of youth and health. If you’re unhappy or self-conscious about the appearance of your smile, make an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Gordon and Dr. Sean Fahid at Couture Smiles Dental Group in Woodland Hills, California. The gifted dentists offer effective teeth whitening treatments that will brighten your smile in just one visit. Contact the office or book online today for a teeth whitening appointment.

Teeth Whitening

What causes my teeth to become yellow and stained?

Just like fine china, your teeth can become stained and dulled by a number of factors. Daily lifestyle habits, as well as the natural aging process, can lead to your teeth becoming discolored and yellowed. Your teeth may be stained because of factors like:

  • Tobacco use
  • Certain foods and drinks, such as coffee, colas, wine, and tea
  • Certain medications
  • Illness
  • Poor dental hygiene

Drs. Gordon, and Fahid, the practice’s experienced dentists, can help you achieve a brighter, whiter smile in just one visit. They offer a whitening system that allows you to whiten your teeth by up to 8-10 shades in just one treatment lasting approximately one hour. Teeth whitening is safe and effective, and it’s completed in the comfort of the practice.

What happens during a teeth whitening treatment?

Before any whitening agents are applied, your dentist will clean and examine your teeth to ensure there are no other conditions that need to be addressed before bleaching.

To whiten your teeth, the gentle dental team will apply a whitening gel to your teeth, which is then activated by a special light. The treatment lasts approximately an hour and is completely painless. You can sit back and relax while the whitening agent lifts stains from your teeth.

In addition to whitening, the Couture Smiles Dental Group also offers KöR® whitening. This system is one of the most effective whitening treatments in the world, and it can even be used to lighten teeth stained by tetracycline.

Do you offer at-home teeth whitening treatments?

Couture Smiles Dental Group provides both in-office and at-home teeth whitening in Woodland Hills, California, to meet your personal preferences and needs. The dentists recommend that if you choose to whiten your teeth at home, that you use the practice’s professional grade treatments. Not only will the bleaching be more effective, but it will also be safer since your treatment will be prescribed by one of the talented and experienced dentists. Contact the practice today to learn more about teeth whitening and to schedule your personalized consultation.